hi i’m joseph                                                                                   

                                       I know there’s something wrong in my life . I have always known there was something a miss. I used to play the victim that i have no choice that my life is brought about by my circumstance.But at the back of my mind there’s this lingering thought that i could have done something about my life.Then one day my uncle brought home this book titled 7 habits of highly effective people.i browsed it and it  got me curious .I loved it so much i got my own copy and from then on i was hooked.The message of the book put my perspective in a different light.It made me realized that althought some things  are out of my reach but a lot of things in my life is and i could do some thing about.                                                                                        



                                               From then on instead of looking out there blaming things that happened on outside factors i decided that it is MY fault its My actions,it is MY thought caused on why things are happening in my life.I searched inward.I read other books researched some more online I began to take responsibility with my life.


                                    Don’t get me wrong i still have a lot of work to do but at least i got something done.I am still a work in progress.But i realize there also a lot of other people out there that is also struggling with there life as well.I would love to share what little i have that in my own small way i could help other people who just like me is struggling my there lives.Anybody who would like to contact me feel free to leave a message at joseph@selfimprovement.com