First and foremost let us define what a happy person is.

According to we can define a ‘happy person’ as someone whom “experiences frequent positive emotions, such as joy, interest, and pride, and infrequent (though not absent) negative emotions, such as sadness, anxiety, and anger (Lyubomirsky et al., 2005).”

It is of utmost importance to remember when you are feeling something negative that it is only temporary. The emotions of life are like a roller coaster- slow builds, big fast drops, sharp turns, upside down barrel rolling loopdeeloops and eventually the end. There’s no sense is being in a big rush to get to the end of this incredible ride we call life!

Below are a few ideas on how to be a happy person TODAY. Thankfully we live in a human body through which we are able to take action and therefore take command of the world around us as well as ourselves internally. Some of these may seem familiar to you and the reason for their popularity is that these things WORK!

So take the reins of your great stallion my friend, and use your flesh sack to create a positive change for yourself and the people you love! Blessings and peace to you

“Get the front out that door!”

You know what I’m trying to say. LEAVE YOUR DANG HOUSE. It has been hours- no days, wait- WEEKS?! Alright you troglodyte, get off your butt, lace up your favourite pair of sneakers and get out the front door.

It really doesn’t matter if you just walk around the block or sit on the porch, the fresh air itself will do wonders for your emotional state. Not to mention the change of scenery. But remember, the more ACTIVE you are the more likely you will notice a measurable increase in your mood.


As I mentioned before, the more active you can be the better. Have you ever felt the power you can generate by the sheer will of commanding your muscles to exert force on a material object against the natural forces of gravity and electromagnetism? Yes- exerting yourself with weight training can be a taxing yet it is a highly rewarding experience. It’s not just for the boys either!

If weight training isn’t your thing you could take up any number of activities including but not limited to running, cycling, jump rope you name it! The world is your oyster. The key is to just pick on and ACTUALLY DO IT. Are you a procrastinator? Then right now is the time. Stop reading this article and go do it. You also happen to be indecisive? I’ll make the decision for you. You’re going for a run. Lace ’em up.

Negative Actions, Negative Results

Still going down your same old road of negative self talk and leaning on vices? How many more times will you do the same thing and expect a different result? Change it up!

Take action! In these two words alone lay the core of how to be a happy person. Use the gifts and skills that have been bestowed upon you to create and uplift! If you’re spiraling and are telling yourself: “I have no skills, I have no gifts” You are LYING TO YOURSELF. Every human being serves an intricate purpose and if you need help to find yours, leave a comment below and we’ll chat.

If you want to change but don’t know where to begin, try spending time with yourself. Because as they say, “If you’re unable to spend time alone, you’re in bad company.” A good activity for self reflection is journaling. I’ve kept a journal through many years, good and bad, and it has helped put things into perspective time and time again. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Become Santa Claus

We all know who the happiest person of all is. So why not put on the big red suit and spend all your money on gifts for sick and dying children. The joy you would create would turn you into a beacon of hope in a society filled with darkness and greed. Seriously consider this last and final option.

Consistent Imperfect Action

The true secret to success here is to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING. Sitting and reading about these things isn’t going to change anything. Going out into the world and manifesting change through action is the only way. Be sure you spend time in self reflection, get outside more, and use your body to manifest positive change!